Cloud Computing Virtualization Technology with Cloud Infrastructure

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Returning to the roots, when computers were first developed, mainframes filled rooms and data sped around on wheels of punched paper, or blocks of holey cards. At that time when computers grew in university or corporate settings, the engineers allocated computer time and space to certain departments … [Read more...]

Google Compute Engine utilizing Cloud Computing Technology

Google Cloud Platform

Over the past few years, Google has been steadily morphing and adapting to keep up with the ever-changing technological world. Google’s new platform offers the “Google Compute Engine” and in the world of cloud computing, this new feature is a huge advancement. This Compute Engine once seemed like … [Read more...]

Understanding the Concept of Cloud Computing Technology

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When it comes to “cloud computing”, the term is most commonly used with regard to third party file storage and web-based application solutions. These solutions enable you to access your personal files and programs no matter where in the world you are or what device you are using to access the files … [Read more...]